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Triodetic Canada

10 Didak Drive, Arnprior, Ontario
5oo万彩票网电脑版 Canada, K7S 0C3

Triodetic USA

4465, East Genesee Street, PMB 306
5oo万彩票网电脑版 Syracuse, New York, USA 13214-2253

E-mail: HR Triodetic E-mail: HR Triodetic
Tel.: (613)-623-3434
Fax.: (613)-622-4003
Tel.: (877)-250-1032
Fax.: (315)-453-7817

Job Opportunities

5oo万彩票网电脑版 triodetic, an internationally recognized designer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty structures - domes, free form structures, barrel vaults and space frames invites interested applicants for the position of:

Architectural/Structural AutoCAD Technician

reporting to the chief engineer and designer, qualified candidates trained as an architectural, mechanical or civil engineering technologist will be given preference. in lieu of a technology degree, extensive autocad experience and aptitude is an asset, with 3d design skills and the ability to visualize complex shapes. the candidate will be involved in the design and detailing of custom structures. candidate will be assigned specific projects and create detailed drawings based on geometric calculations pertaining to the triodetic system.

triodetic offers a competitive compensation packages including excellent benefits and working conditions in a modern facility located in the heart of arnprior, ontario.

Interested persons should submit their resumes in confidence to:

Triodetic Ltd
10 Didak Dr
Arnprior, ON K7S 0C3
Fax: 613-623-4647
HR Triodetic

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